Sunday, May 16, 2010

Souvenir Slides- Main Street and Tomorrowland

Three early souvenir slides from Disneyland. All three had turned the same flat shade of magenta. First up is Main Street with lots of traffic. The slide was taken during a Horseless Carriage event. I love the antique automobiles on Main Street giving it a true to life look.

Next up is a stunning portrait of the Motorized Fire Truck, looking brand spanking new.

The Fire Truck will bring us to the Hub, where we can head to the right and visit the world of tomorrow. I would purchase an ice cream if I could.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

The photo of the fire engine is interesting. If you compare it to a current photo (link) a lot is the same, however, it appears all the trim was chrome/stainless and now its brass?

Major Pepperidge said...

Main Street looks awesome with so many vintage vehicles! Nice fire truck shot too.

Katella Gate said...

VDT: It may not have been chrome, it may have been nickel plated brass, which would have been very correct for the period.

My guess is that the brass was showing through because of wear, and now that the green laws have pretty much made metal plating illegal in CA, a decision was made to take the metal back down to the brass and lacquer it.

bubbagoes2anaheim said...

Could the horseless carriage event possibly have been on Easter?

Also, the posters at the entrance to Tomorrowland seem to be blocked by the flag poles. I don't remember seeing that before. Maybe it is just the angle, but it seems that this straight on view for guests would be the main one to line them up on.?