Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Main Street Vehicles

Many readers know that us Disneyland fanatics lament the loss of activity in Tomorrowland. However, I also lament the loss of activity on Main Street. There used to be many vehicles driving on Main Street as well as vehicles parked on the side streets. First up is one of my favorite vehicles to ride as it still goes up and down Main Street. The Omnibus is a great way to view Main Street.

Other vehicles included the horse drawn fire engine. Though not a large capacity ride, it appears to be fun to imagine yourself as a firefighter in the 1910s.

Another way to ride up and down Main Street was to ride these Horseless Carriages. Talk about low capacity, but they were a lot of fun to ride. As can be seen in the background of this photo, the motion really adds to the atmosphere of Main Street.

Final image is of everyone's favorite (well at least one of my favorite) vehicles on Main Street, the Carnation Milk Truck. Usually parked on a side street, it enhanced Main Street. Walt loved to fire this truck up and run it on Main Street.

For a great history of the Carnation truck, check out post from Gorillas Don't Blog.


Thufer said...

Your correct. I remember when you had to almost have one eye in the back of your head when you strolled down Main Street. Now, it's mostly just fighting the crowd. Those truly were the days.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Awesome post - I love the Main Street vehicles! Here's what I've seen in my last 30 or so visits to the park over 2 years; slower days in the spring & fall (like right now & I'm going tomorrow!) they have most if not all the Main Street Vehicles running, it really looks and sounds amazing. But in the busy summer months, you hardly see them at all.

I do wish there was some effort to get people out of the street! In 1910 did everyone walk in the middle of the street?

Katella Gate said...

This is why I love Walt: After you consider the cost of construction, depreciation, labor, gas, and insurance, each car probably lost $60 a day to run.

Rather than think about how much money he was losing every time he went by, Walt thought, "You know, I don't have a Yellow one yet."