Monday, March 08, 2010

Things From the Gate- 1956 Elks Flier, 1957 Flier and Mickey Mouse Club

A gaggle of paper pieces for today's post. First up is the 1956 gate flier that was sent to those veterans participating in the 38th National American Legion Convention. The convention was held in Los Angeles, but one day the group headed down to Disneyland. From reading the flier it appears the convention goers had a ticket book for the convention and two of the tickets allowed discounted admission and discounted ticket books. My favorite part of the flier is at the bottom stating that alcoholic beverages are not allowed or served in the park.

Next up is a small folded brochure for 1957. Note that the tickets are valid through June 1957. I like the funky spot illustration for the Jungle Cruise.

Finally I posted a Fun Foto image from 1963 featuring the Mickey Mouse Club on Friday February 25, 2010. The boy in the image is holding one of these cards.


Major Pepperidge said...

So THAT'S what he was holding! So super cool that you have one, unused, unpunched. I have one of the cards, with a boy's name written on it. But this is super awesome!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great 1956 Flier! How cool would it be to have one of those "Official Convention Ticket Book" A & B Coupons.

I've seen the "No alcohol at Disneyland" on various paper items over the years, but I've never seen them explain why - Nice...

Thanks Matterhorn!