Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Main Street Omnibus

One of my favorite Main Street Vehicles is the Omnibus. Designed after a type of bus that used to operate on Main Street's of the early 1900s, the vehicle can carry 45 passengers up and down Main Street. One of the neat design elements is the mini attraction posters on the side of the bus. First up is a nice shot of the Omnibus in front of the Main Street station.

Here is a close up of the mini attraction posters from the side of the Omnibus.

Next up is the Omnibus in action.

Finally a snapshot from 1958 showing an Alice In Wonderland advertising sign placed on the bus. Also Daveland- look away...the rest of you can check out the stroller with the neat graphics on the side.

Written on the reverse of the photo is: This is Pat and her Sandy and my 3 girls in Disneyland-(just like a New World) It's really fantastic. July 8th, 1958.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Nice views of the great Omnibus. I just "discovered" it about 3 years ago, not sure why I never rode it before, but I sure like it now :-)

Neato writing on the back of the last photo; "Just like a new World"! Even Daveland might admit that stroller is pretty cool.

I wish they still had the mini-posters on the sides, it added a certain realism to the public transportation aspect. Excellent post, thanks!

Katella Gate said...

VDT: Be careful what you wish for in "realistic transportation" in side Disneyland. Remember, just last year they had those awful scrim advertisements for the "Dreams" campaign on the sides of the monorail, just like they do on the city bus.

Remember, if it's good enough for the MetroRail, it's good enough for the Monorail.

Anonymous said...

The second shot is nice, using the bushes to screen the pavement framing the view. better than most tourist shots.


Connie Moreno said...

Oh that stroller looks like torture!

scott said...

Ahhh....such great memories!! I spent about a year and a half driving a WDW OmniBus around the WSC Lagoon at Epcot (9/89-4/91). Such good memories. Sadly, they're gone from Epcot altogether now. At least one has been sold off and is sitting derelict in a field south of WDW.