Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Berry Farm Slides for the Knott's Fans

Some interesting Knott's Berry Farm views for those who love the vintage Knott's items. The first is of the Totem Pole which sat on one of the islands in Knott's rustic version of the Indian Village.

The second image is of the loading area for the steam train. It appears this was loading line number 3. I like the gate and the signage on the lantern.

The third image is of the horse drawn carousel. The slide is a bit funky looking, but it does give that effect of you are on the ride.

The final image is of the exit area for the Stagecoach ride. The Knott's stagecoach ride always appeared to be more authentic, using antique coaches.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nice pics! I have one of that horse drawn carousel, which I'd never seen before. You beat me to it! Oh well, I'll post mine eventually.

Chris Merritt said...

Cool! Man - they shoulda kept the island...