Monday, April 16, 2007

Tonga Punch Hut Outside Enchanted Tiki Room

Three images of the Tonga Punch Hut located outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Now the location of the famous and appetizing Dole Whip stand, the hut was serving Tonga Punch a staple of the Tahitian Terrace menu. The images also show the increased ticket price for the Tiki Room as the room was not owned by Disneyland, rather it was owned by WED. The tickets were purchased separately. I would love to see the contractual arrangements for that, especially since Retlaw ran the train and monorail. The tickets for the train and monorail were part of the ticket books. The images do include a very pretty Wahine wearing her coral lipstick to match her bright Hawaiian print dress and leis.


Major Pepperidge said...

Celebrity alert! "Thing" from the Addams Family is just visible in photo #2.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics from a very early time. During my tenure, it was part of the regular ticket system. Here's a tidbit. In the "pre-show" area, there is a pool (or two). We used to throw a few coins in it during the day. At near closing time, we collected all the change that accumulated for a few extra dollars in our pockets or as a contribution to the Banana Ball fund.

DC88SPACELINER295 said...

WOW!!! that ticket price shot is AWESOME--I have one of those actual signs and never was sure where it was displayed or used--mine is from about 1968/69.--the colors are differnt too.