Monday, April 30, 2007

Horse Drawn Vehicles on Main Street July 1955 Pic #3

Sorry about the second image being blurry but the fire truck must have been responding to a three alarm fire in Frontierland. I heard there was a cabin burning out of control with a dead guy out front, and some eagles in a nest. Luckily they were able to put out the fire and the cabin has not had any fire near it for years. Some more images from the July 13, 1955 trip.


Tim ( said...

WOW, this series of July 55 photo's is awesome! What a time capsule! The black and white just adds to the authentic look and feel. Disneyland seemed much more "grity" back then, also, more fun... Thanks for your great posts! Tim

Major Pepperidge said...

I was going to say pretty much what tim already said! The black and white adds to the antique feel of these reminds me of going through boxes of old photos at my grandma's.