Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pablum Baby Station Main Street

A nice image of the stroller parking in front of the Pablum Baby Station. Pablum is still being made today and sold the by the Heinz conglomeration. The food has the distinction of being the first easy to prepare baby food and was developed to reduce rickets by having lots of Vitamin D along with other nutrients. Originally developed for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, it was a success. Pablum had the sponsorship for many years, then in the 1970s it became Gerber. I do not know who is the sponsor now, I will have the check the next time I head to Disneyland. The baby station is still in the same spot. By the way, at the extreme left on top of the sign is a great baby spoon silhoutte as I have another photo somewhere with that. If I find it when I get back home to Colorado, I will post the baby station sign.


Major Pepperidge said...

Great picture!

Mmmm, pablum. It's bland, yet it's lumpyy!

Anonymous said...


I believe the Babycare center is now sponsored by Carnation. You can purchase formula and baby foods inside, there's a microwave, changing tables, high chairs and even a dark, quiet place to nurse your baby. I used it often on our trips with the babies.

Great blog! I love the pictures you post. Brings back wonderful (yet foggy) memories.