Monday, September 18, 2006

Plantation Side of Swifts Chicken Plantation Restaurant

To follow up on Davelands Post a couple days ago of the wishing well, this appears to be shot from the opposite side of that image. In this shot, it almost appears that the Plantation was right on the water, but I believe this is due to the lens of the camera.

In the foreground are the tell-tale umbrella's with their tassels. I think that having the umbrella concession (to make and repair them) would have been very lucrative in the early years of Disneyland due to the great number of umbrellas located throughout the park and the fact that the umbrellas were cloth that would get sun bleached and worn out. I wonder what happened to the fixtures from this building? They were probably saved and re-used in other buildings at Disneyland.

Enough about this shot, let's go visit with Major Pepperidge over at the Plaza Apartments for a frosty and thick milk shake.

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Major Pepperidge said...

You are right, the lens does make the Plantation House look closer to the water....of course there is the large outdoor eating area between it and the riverfront, then the fence, and then the riverbank. This is an excellent slide!

Thanks for the link and your nice comments, Matterhorn!