Sunday, September 10, 2006

Strike a Pose- Tour Guide 1974

Coming from a small collection of slides taken by a cast member in 1974 is this very cute Tour Guide posing while she waits for the Disneyland Railroad to arrive in station. All I have to say is the guy behind her has some serious Mutton Chops!

Disneyland Tour Guides were created by Milt Albright in 1958 to increase sales. The first Tour Guides were male employees, but it was quickly decided that girls made for better tour guides. The program was run by Cicely Rigdon who was a mother hen to the girls from all over the world. In fact there was a sorority like feeling with yearbooks, softball teams, cookbooks, and an annual black tie and cocktail dress party. One of the more interesting footnotes is that there was an exchange program with tour guides from Tivoli Gardens.


Major Pepperidge said...

You'd think there would be more photos of tour guides, but I don't have many (maybe two).

A sorority-like feeling? You mention the softball games, the dances and yearbooks, but I want to hear about the pillow fights.

Disneyland Hippo said...

have I seen those hats some where? Love mom

Matterhorn1959 said...

Sorry Major- no information about pillow fights!

And yes Hippo, I have one of those hats in my collection.