Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The First Thanksgiving, America On Parade

One of the more memorable floats from the America on Parade was this one featuring the first Thanksgiving. The memorable part is the gigantic turkey who will be the main course. The turkey is surrounded by Pocahontas and the pilgrims. The turkey looks very happy not knowing its eventual fate.


Major Pepperidge said...

For some reason I am wondering what became of all of those costumes and floats; with parades on both coasts, there was a lot of stuff. Was it all just destroyed?

Chuck said...

Major, I know it sat backstage at least through the end of October '76, because I can remember seeing it over the wall from a campground on West Street. At the time, I remember thinking "why do they still have those there - that parade is never going to happen again." After all, July 4th had been almost 4 months before - an age in the mind of a not-quite-eight-year-old. I didn't yet have any concept of reuse of existing hardware, budget cycles, etc.

I wonder if Mike Cozart knows? Does he check in here regularly?