Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two Leftovers

Or as Major Pepperidge states, leftuglies. But,neither of these images are ugly, but not worthy of a post on their own. First up is a nice landscape photo of it's a small world as seen from the Peoplemover. The image shows the great Mary Blair designed facade for the show building.

The second image is of a nice Frontier town street. I thought it was a small amusement park, but in reality it is the street scene from the Hotel Last Frontier in Las Vegas, Nevada. The image is a rare view showing the entire street as most images I have are of people posing in front of the cars and wagons. I do like the Ripleys sign on the left hand side and way in the back is a Conestoga Wagon with the Hotel Last Frontier sign on the canvas.


K. Martinez said...

That's one of my favorite angles of "it's a small world". And I love the 1950's automobile amongst the frontier/turn-of-the-century era vehicles. Thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

Neat view of The Last Frontier in Vegas!