Thursday, September 10, 2015

Frontierland Directional Sign In Front of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon

One of my favorite styles of directional signs are the ones with a number of signs for all the attractions. These signs remind me of the TV show MASH with it's directional sign in the camp. This is a great sign featuring a listing of the many attractions in Frontierland. In the background is the Golden Horseshoe Saloon with its many signs. Unfortunately this side of the contact print is the dirtiest, but as a Facebook group loves to post pictures of Disneyland dirt, I post actual Disneyland dirt (from the paint shop.)

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Matthew said...

This little sign always impressed me. I think what I enjoyed about it was the simple little detail of the directional compass on top of the "arms pointing the way" with the "N" for North and the "W" for West. It is hard to make out if anything was hanging of the South or East side of the sign in this photo.

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Amazon Belle