Friday, September 18, 2015

Souvenir Friday- Another Adventureland Magic Slate

A new addition to my collection of Disneyland Magic Slates is this mid-1960s version from Adventureland. The colors are great and very tropical featuring the fauna of the jungle and a nice image of a Jungle Cruise launch. This is a slightly smaller version of the 1950s magic slate. It is missing the wooden "pencil" used to write on the slate.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, this looks so familiar, especially the vignettes on the right side, hippo, giant plant, "Draw Then Lift", 29 cents.

I had several Magic Slates as a kid and can't recall any real particulars, I bet one of them was just like this, since I know I've seen everything on it before.

These used to be wrecked by leaving in a hot car and the black stuff would melt and fuse to the plastic. The lumpy surface that was left could no longer be drawn on...

Thank you for posting this.


Major Pepperidge said...

It makes you wonder how many other versions are out there. Do you have then all? WHO KNOWS! I'm sure you could make your own wooden pencil pretty easily with a thin dowel and a pencil sharpener. Make it nice and dirty as if it has been held by unwashed children, and nobody would ever know the difference.