Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Fantasyland Depot, Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad

A very rare view of the Fantasyland Depot for the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad. The station was removed in 1965 for it's a small world. The checkerboard pattern continues the Medeavil Faire theming to Fantasyland. The admission price sign is nice, but the crowning piece are the two lamp post signs for the opening of the Columbia.

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K. Martinez said...

Never cared for the Toontown Depot that is there today. It's too bad they didn't go back to the original 1950's Fantasyland medieval faire architecture for this area when Videopolis was remodeled into the second Fantasyland Theatre. The medieval faire style could've been extended to the train depot too instead of theming it to nearby Mickey's Toontown. It would've been a great nod to the original Fantasyland. Absolutely love the original Fantasyland Depot. Thanks!