Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Denizens of The Jungle River Cruise

The Jungle River Cruise has been one of my favorite attractions for a long time. The theming of a mysterious trip through the jungles and rivers of the world highlighted by the scenes of animals has always intrigued me. And from the many photographs of the attraction, it has intrigued other guests as well. Three photographs that show off some of the animals seen on the attraction, a crocodile, several hippos and an elephant. Enjoy the dark moodiness of these jungle citizens in their natural habitat.


K. Martinez said...

The Jungle Cruise is my favorite attraction. It's the one attraction at Disneyland where the vegetation really submerges you into another world. In addition, no other attraction evokes vintage Disneyland to me like the Jungle Cruise does. It's always a must do every trip to the Park. Thanks, Patrick.

Matthew said...

Agree with K. Martinez! Love that Jungle Cruise. Your second photos of the hippos are interesting as there is a lot of "chop" in the water. I wonder if the bubble makers were on high that day, if another boat had just left the hippo pool, or high winds. Regardless it makes for a more "river" like photo.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle