Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Visit to Marineland

This post was ready to go yesterday, but I ran into some technical difficulties, so you will see two posts today...make sure you read them both! Two nice images of Marineland which was an unassuming theme park featuring a plethora of sea animals. The first image shows one of the dolphin pools with guests feeding the dolphin. In the background are the rolling hills of Palos Verde.

The second image shows the arena featuring trained dolphin jumping up to ring a bell. Note the large stadium in the background which featured Bubbles the trained whale.

This park is now closed and is being developed as housing.

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DrGoat said...

On our summer trips to Disneyland in the 50s-60s, we would
always stop at Marineland the day before driving back to Tucson.
Probably spent a lot of the day thinking about Disneyland and how bad
we wanted to go back.