Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Silhouette Signs

It was not only the Main Street vehicles that had the silhouette signs, but also a couple of other signs. I posted these years ago, but thought it would be great to end the series with these signs. First up is the Hotel Tram sign with no passengers. The colors on this sign is fantastic.

This sign is the Kodak Picture Spot sign with a figural cameraman in silhouette.

A couple other images of the Kodak silhouette.


K. Martinez said...

The Hotel Tram sign is a beauty in both color and design. The Kodak Picture Spot signs are a perfect way to end this series. Thank you!

Matthew said...

Does anyone know when the railings along the Rivers of America were added? Specifically in front of New Orleans Square - site of the last photo. The video footage of the opening of Pirates still shows reeds along the water bank. Just wonder'n. - Amazon Belle -

Anonymous said...

The second picture is very interesting. The sign is probably set up to highlight Alice In Wonderland, which would be over the photographers left shoulder.

But the picture also captures the planter area which has been bugging me for several weeks now. This area just never seems to appear in pictures. The most we see of it is in aerial views or pics from the Skyway.

It's apparently a fairly round planter with tree canopy, and a number of picnic tables, but this is the first shot I can recall that actually shows the area directly. It's kind of a blind spot in memory, always just out of the frame.

From studying aerial shots, it seems to be almost exactly where the Mad Tea Party is now.

Thanks so much for these nice pictures.


Major Pepperidge said...

They need to make some merchandise using those great old vehicle silhouettes!