Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More Fun at Fort Cody

Fort Cody looks like a fun place to visit. Luckily the attraction is still open and welcoming visitors, although this version of the Fort no longer exists. The Fort originally opened in 1963 and then moved in 1968 to be closer to I-80 in North Platte, Nebraska. However, it appears most of the elements were moved. The Fort has been in the same family for two generations. For more information, you can visit Fort Cody Website. First up is an image of a teepee. While not as impressive as the teepees found in Disneyland, but still the kids are having fun.

Next up is a view of one of the relics that kids could sit on and imagine themselves at that time period. I like the painted signboard explaining the wagon and also the vending machines in the background.

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K. Martinez said...

No doubt the teepees weren't as impressive as Disneyland's but they were probably more fun.

Thanks for the link to the website. I had no idea it was still operating and with the same family too!