Monday, April 06, 2015

Central Ticket Booth- Fantasyland

Many years ago, Disneyland was not a pay one price location and individual rides required tickets. At the front entrance, a guest could purchase admission, or purchase a ticket book which included admission and a certain number of tickets. But what if Sally wanted to go on more rides than the number of tickets allowed in the ticket book? The guest could always head to a central ticket booth in each land to purchase more tickets. Each of the booths were themed to the land, with Fantasyland mimicking the Medieval fair of the other buildings. Here is an image of the ticket booth with Sally and her dad.

The next image is of the sign outside the ticket booth listing which lettered tickets worked for which ride. Note that most of the rides are a C ticket, but this is before E tickets were introduced (the photographs were taken in early 1959.)


Major Pepperidge said...

These are amazing.

K. Martinez said...

The Skyway was a "B" ticket? Wonder when it graduated to "D" ticket status.

Sunday Night said...

Rare pics! I wonder how warm it got in those little ticket booths in the summer. Or cold in the "winter".

Once as a teenager I went to Disneyland and just used old tickets from previous visits and just bought an admission ticket. I remember the person at the ticket counter asking me if I was sure I wanted to just buy a basic admission.

JG said...

Using tickets from last year's visit was always a pleasure. One trip, I rode all the Main Street vehicles with my huge stack of leftover "A" tickets.

Good times.

Now I wish I had saved some for keepsakes. I used to count them and stack them like Uncle Scrooge in his Money Pit.

Thanks for wonderful pictures.