Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scenes Along a Jungle River

Two more nice snapshots from the same trip I have been posting the last couple of days. This time the photographer was in Adventureland at the load and unload area at the Jungle River Cruise. First image shows the Ganges Gal being unloaded. Note the kid in the fantastic red shirt (with musical notes) is wearing a yellow Keppy Kap.

Next up two Jungle Cruise guides poses for the photographer. In the early days, before OSHA, the Jungle Cruise guides wore sandals to work. The shirts are great especially the red shirt with the bamboo design. The skipper in the color striped shirt looks like Neil Patrick Harris and the other skipper looks like Kevin Kidney. The flag on the back of the boat is the flag of East Turkistan (and also the flag of the Great Khanate.)


Major Pepperidge said...

These are great. It sure seems like the Jungle Cruise cast members went through more different kinds of costumes over the years… they changed a lot.

Anonymous said...

These will be distributed to many former JC skippers through our Facebook site! Thank you.