Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Disneyana in Use

As a collector of Disneyana, I enjoy seeing photographs of the vintage toys and items I collect in use by kids. The first image is of the Mickey Mouse Club Clubhouse. A rare piece of Disneyana because the clubhouses were large and set up. Setting up the clubhouse often damaged the cardboard construction of the toy.

The second image is of a bow tied youngster sitting on his stairs waiting for the bus, holding the Disney bus lunch box. Based upon his outfit and that a photo was taken, I would guess this was the first day of school.


Anonymous said...

I had that lunchbox too, perhaps a newer version. I had a little bow tie like that one, but never recall wearing it to school.


Matt Gerhard said...

I picked up one of those lunch boxes in a local antique store a year or so ago!

Chuck said...

The picture of the little girl is priceless.

I love the boy's Hush Puppy suede shoes. I had many pairs just like them.