Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Nature's Wonderland Railroad Rainbow Ridge

Two nice views of Rainbow Ridge from Nature's Wonderland. First up is Pat Casey's Last Chance Saloon, with Doc Holliday dentistry on the second floor. I like the Notary Public sign for Johnny Inkslinger.

The second image is of the El Dorado Hotel. I like the sign for beds with an extra cost for sheets. Both of these images feature the yellow train cars in the bottom of the image.


K. Martinez said...

Nice color! I like that the sign details are clearly visible. Thanks, Matterhorn1959.

MRaymond said...

Is my memory making stuff up or could you hear someone moaning in the dentists office as you rode by?

Anonymous said...

There were various sounds coming from the buildings. Some screaming would come from the Dentist's office from time to time.

KS, a former CM