Friday, November 28, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Tomorrowland Magic Slate

The last Magic Slates that I own is this one from Tomorrowland. Featuring great images of the TWA Rocket to the Moon, Astrojets, Autopia and the Clock of the World. This slate has the original "pencil" attached to it.


K. Martinez said...

So this is Magic Slate that Major was waiting for, the Tomorrowland version. Nice! Love the Autopia image on the side.

Does this mean you're still looking for the Frontierland Magic Slate?

Anonymous said...

The building in the slate graphic looks like a composite of the Rocket To The Moon building and the new Anaheim Convention Center across Katella Blvd.

Very cool picture, thank you. I had several of these over the years of childhood. Leaving a slate in a hot car is fatal to the toy's function, so mine were replaced often.