Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fantasyland From The Skyway

Two more views of Fantasyland from 1963. First up is a nice panoramic view of the Castle courtyard filled with all the attractions found in Fantasyland. A nice clear day that looks slightly warm and a large crowd of guests.

The second image features the circus train Casey Junior. In the background can be seen the golden roof of the Fantasyland Train station. It also looks like one of the warehouses in the background on the right hand side.


K. Martinez said...

Wow! The Casey Jr. Circus Train image looks wild with vegetation overgrowth in the foreground. I love it!

JG said...

@Ken. Yes, and where was the photo taken from? The elevation vantage does not look much, if any, higher than the track.

But it has to be taken from the Skyway as it angles up/down into the Chalet, unless there were two trains running so close together.

BTW, does anyone know where the Casey trains are garaged? There doesn't seem to be any exit spur that I can find. But sometimes, only one train is running. Where do they store the other one, or work on them, etc.? Must be somewhere in "NeverNeverland".