Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sailing Ship Columbia

Built and launched by Disneyland and Todd Shipyards in 1958, the mighty sailing ship Columbia provided another attraction on the bustling Rivers of America. A fully rigged, three masted sailing ship replica of the first United States ship to circumnavigate the globe, the ship has served the park well since it's debut. With a build out of it's below decks in 1964, the ship has continued to journey through the wilderness of Frontierland. In the first image the Columbia is sailing past the dry docked Mark Twain. On the right is the old mill with my favorite barrels floating in the water.

The second image shows the Columbia ready to depart from the Frontierland docks. Note the Tom Sawyer's Island raft on the left hand side, docked at the now unused pier.

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K. Martinez said...

This is one of those attractions that despite it being open less, it has always been open when I go to Disneyland. Of course I've been only going to the park in the peak of the summer and holiday seasons in the last 25 years when it would be open.