Monday, November 25, 2013

Freedomland By Train

Two images from the Santa Fe Railroad at Freedomland. Yes, Santa Fe was a sponsor for both Disneyland and Freedomland trains. The first image is from the elevated station showing Old New York and Old Chicago. The detail and theming of the buildings is nice. I really like the painted advertising on the building for the Portrait Studio.

Next up is a you are there blurry image of the interior of the Santa Fe Railroad. I believe the image is blurry due to the motion of the train. Very nice detailing on the cars. I believe the cars were built specifically for Freedomland, similar to the train coaches at Disneyland.

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K. Martinez said...

You'd think being located on the east coast, that the Freedomland Railroad would've been sponsored by New York Central or Pennsylvania Railroad.

Nice set today. Thanks!