Monday, November 11, 2013

Matterhorn Memories

As most of you know, my favorite attraction at Disneyland is the Matterhorn bobsleds. I have always enjoyed the thrilling ride down the snowy mountain, through icy caverns, and to the chilling splash at the end of the ride. As I started to delve into the history of Disneyland, I was more impressed by the Matterhorn and the technology of the ride. Being the first tubular steel roller coaster, the individual bobsleds sped down the track mimicking the forces felt on a true bobsled ride. The ride also included early block braking to maintain the separation of the vehicles. The first image is of the Bobsled from the Fantasyland/it's a small world side.

The next picture is a nice portrait of the mountain. I miss the Skyway ride through the mountain.

The last picture is dark but shows a you are there view of riding the bobsleds inside the mountain. Not too many photographers dared to take a picture while on the bobsled.


K. Martinez said...

Great view from Small World Plaza. Of course the Matterhorn looks great from any angle. One of the few Disney mountains you can actually walk around.

Any interior shot of the old cavernous Matterhorn is cool. Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

This is still one of my favorite rides at the park. Especially at night!

MRaymond said...

I loved when the Matterhorn was still hollow. It added to the danger. I have a few pictures of the original interior over at Micechat. I remember my first ride in the early 70's. Always a great time.