Wednesday, February 02, 2011

World's Fair Wednesday-Another Set of Modern Buildings Brussels 1958

More fantastic images from the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. First up is the European Community building with gothic cathedral inspired steel beams. The beams have a fish design on them.

Next up is a nice shell shaped building for the United Nations building. Definitely a classic modern design, reminds me of the Mission Bay San Diego tourist information center.

Next image is of a soaring building that is unmarked on the slide. It may be the administration building for the fair.

Final image is an interior shot of an electric dynamo in action.


Katella Gate said...

Another set of beautiful slides showing off really sophisticated architectural ideas.

I really wish the archi-snobs that design buildings today would stop giving us Dr. Seuss buildings that look like broken glass or melted butter, and return to rationality.

Anonymous said...

Is it me??? Still no luck in pulling the pictures from several computers and ISPs

mydisneycollection said...

ditto here. I've been getting broken images for the last several days.

Major Pepperidge said...

This set of slides is a real treasure!

Katella, I know what you mean, but new, strange architecture eventually becomes beloved old architecture.

Obviously I was the only person who had problems viewing these yesterday. Today they loaded OK, though...