Wednesday, October 06, 2010

World's Fair Wednesday- More Interior Images of Futurama

More interior images of the ride part of the GM Futurama exhibit. Some great dry for wet effects can be seen. First up is a cool explorer's vehicle and road builder in the jungles.

Next a view of the undersea colony.

A closer view of one of the buildings in the colony. I love the school of fish.

Finally a view of the space exploration area featuring the rocket fuel farm with one of the ride vehicles on the far right.


Thufer said...

What wonder! Thank you for these, I do so enjoy them.

Major Pepperidge said...

One of the things that is amazing about this fair is the way corporations could afford to be so extravagant; it almost seemed as if money was no object for GM and "Futurama". Think of the millions that Ford's "Magic Skyway" or GE's "Progressland" must have cost, and I'm sure there was nary a peep from shareholders.

Katella Gate said...

Major, I'm sure these were all seen a "prestige" project for the various corporations, as well as good advertising. And if Coke is doing it, Pepsi is not going to just stand by and watch.

jedblau said...

Man, this looks a lot like Horizons, my fave from EPCOT.

SundayNight said...

These are great!