Monday, September 21, 2009

Tom's Treehouse Part I

One of the places on Tom Sawyer's Island that has not been "piratized" is Tom's Tree House. Once the highest point in Disneyland, the attraction still offers a nice view of Frontierland and New Orleans Square. It is always fun to climb up the tree and look out through the windows, and to think you are in a tree fort. These images are from the 1970s, check out the fantastic Hawaiian shirt and suit jacket combinatioin.


Major Pepperidge said...

So the treehouse remains basically unchanged? I was expecting it to be either greatly altered or even removed after they put in the pirate additions.

Sky Magic said...

More like "slightly altered". The treehouse is still there and externally unchanged from pre-Pirates days (I think), but they've add Tom's "pirate map" and such on the inside walls. Not a big change, really.

Dad.. said...

Wow.. that cat sure made a bold fashion choice. HA! I really dig it!! A guy that walks to the beat of his own drum!