Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Different Look At Indian Village

Indian Village was a fascinating spot for many visitors in the 1950s. Most photographers captured the vibrancy and action of the dances and did not document the other activities that were happening. Here are two rather unusual views of the Indian Village. The first is a Hopi sand painter working on a masterpiece. It appears he is inside one of the Native American houses. (Unfortunately it appears the photographers camera was not performing well and there are light spots on all the slides from the photographer.)

The second shows a mom and son displaying some crafts at the edge of the dance floor. I like the details of the little boy on the rock on the right and what appears to be a bass guitar case in the background.


Katella Gate said...

Wow, now those are interesting pics! I'm too young to remember this version of the Indian Village, and I never knew there were basically cultural demonstration.

The light damage should be easy to fix in Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

I think that the first photo is of a man creating a sand painting. I recall them at the Arizona state fairs as a kid, but haven't seen it demonstrated in a long time.