Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Esther's Photo Album #22

To answer Chris' question, I believe the photo album has about 100 images of Disneyland and Esther's co-workers. Today's has a guest from Frontierland on the pages. The first image is of the street showing the Ruggles shop, China Closet and other stores. I will have to look specifically for the clock the next time I am at Disneyland.

The next image is captioned Phil Ruggles China Shop.

The final image is marked Aunt Jemima Frontierland. She is posing at the Main Street Cinema with the classic poster on the column behind her.


Thufer said...

my favorite spot for a rest on main street. wonderful shot; please keep them coming.

Major Pepperidge said...

These pictures are so much like ones that you might be taken of somebody's neighborhood... for Esther, Main Street was her beloved neighborhood!

mr wiggins said...

A dead-on post from Major Pepperidge. The feeling of coming home hits so many of us when entering Main Street, even though we never lived in a place like that. It really jumps out at you in Esther's album photos -- that fantasy of the town we wish was our neighborhood. Seeing these photos reinforces the brilliance of Walt as a storyteller: he picked this place as the first scene we experience in our journey through the realms of the park.

Anonymous said...

The picture of "Phil" is actually Phil Papel, who operated Ruggles China and Gift Shop with his wife Sophie from opening day in 1955 through 1964.