Sunday, February 17, 2008

Esther's Photo Album #19

Coming back to the photo album from Esther are these three images. The first two are of the Gibson Card shop and Wonderland Music.

The last image are of the manager of the shop and his wife. Based upon the photographs here most of the shops were run by husband and wife teams or at least by a family. The caption for the photograph is Dorothy and Jerry.


Major Pepperidge said...

I wonder how Walt and company found the particular people who ran these shops. Was there an ad in local papers? How did word get out? I try to imagine the idea that these people could have a business on Main Street in Disneyland, especially since so many people expected the park to fail.

Progressland said...

Major: I think who got the concessions (for the smaller shops) was largely coincidental. Chris did an interview with Jack Schrecengost, who worked for Lawson Engineering for the first five years (they had the Pen Shop, the Tobacco Shop, the Jewelry Store and the Adventureland Bazaar). He said his boss went up to the Studio to meet with C. V. Wood and Bob Burns. His way of getting shops was to kind of ask, "What's that? Can I have it?"

Anonymous said...

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