Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Esther's Photo Album #14

On to page 14 of the photo album. The first image is captioned Edna Magic Shop. I wonder if she tormented young Steve Martin?

The second image is captioned Beverly, Marie and Jan.

The third and final image is captioned Don Keystone Cop. It is interesting to see he is carrying a billy club. This must have been to quell the riots that took place at the Silent Cinema.

Come back tomorrow to see more images from the photo album.


Major Pepperidge said...

The Keystone Cop is carrying a churro!

outsidetheberm said...

Any idea where that second shot was taken? Can't place the doorway.

CoxPilot said...

outsidetheberm: In front of the Pen Shop. Note the shadow of the lamp post, then check out the photo of Royne at:

SundayNight said...

Man, I love these shots. Really makes Main Street look like a real home town with friendly neighbors.