Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Native American Dancers at Indian Village July 1955

Now that the park has opened, at least in this image, the Native American dancers are at the old Indian Village in Frontierland. The composition on this shot is wonderful, almost as if the dancer was thinking of a new routine, the plains tipi with artwork in the foreground and the great buffalo hide in the background. This was a well photographed spot as I have lots of different images. Slide is a Kodachrome slide with a July 1955 date stamp.

I want to thank all of the people who have recommended my site in their blogs. I do appreciate it. And if you want to read great observations about life, science and toys, I recommend Ed's Bad Ito site and also his daughter Elizabeth's site Adventures on the Animation Roller Coaster for great artwork. And I must plug the person who started me on this, Dan Goodsell and his wonderful blog of A Sampler of Things. Thanks.

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Danny and Jackie said...

loving the site... pics seem to have dissapeared today?