Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bakerland Brochure- Auto Advertising Mimicing Disneyland 1950s

When I first saw this in a stack of paperwork, I thought it was the most unusual Disneyland brochure I have ever seen. Then I picked it up and looked at it, and noticed it was for an auto dealer cashing on the popularity of Disneyland. The card would be personalized, in this case sent to a family with the name of Baker, to promote sales of new cars. The graphics are just amazing especially the rocket and the Mark Twain like steamboat. The advertising on the interior is also very cool. Size of the brochure is 18.5 inches in height by 3.75 inches in width.


Jeff said...

As always, great photos.

I would like to donate a picture I took of the graveyard that used to be next to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I took it during my first time through the attraction in 1971, and of course as you know the graveyard has long since been removed.

I was going to email the picture to you, but couldn't find an address. If you like, you may just lift it off my site. It's in my most current post on my blog at

Thanks for all the great stuff!

Tangaroa said...

Amazing! I've seen psuedo-disneyland brochure artwork before (like that Nara Dreamland guidebook) - but this one takes the cake!

Anonymous said...
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