Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Indian Village Dancing

In the early years of Disneyland, the Indian Village was a very popular attraction. One of the main draws was the dancing demonstrations on the main stage. Most photo collections of the time period have some images of Indian Village and most are of the dancers. These two photographs do capture the crowd watching the Native American dancer. In the background there is a camera bug taking photos with his expensive camera and also a poor dad holding two Mickey Mouse balloons.

And a note, I stated the restaurant yesterday was the Red Wagon Inn, but rather it is the sister restaurant the Plaza Pavilion. The Pavillion (as called in the early years) was a buffet restaurant and had two dining areas, the Victorian theming on Main Street and tropical on the Adventureland side. Thanks to K. Martinez for pointing this out. I should know better than to rely on my brain early in the morning to remember the details....

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Anonymous said...

Vintage shots from the 'Way-back" machine. And a very distant memory to me which I can recall it thanks to your efforts. KS