Saturday, January 13, 2018

Flying Elephants and Teacups

Once upon a time there was a magical ride that went from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland over the lands. And from this magical ride, many a great photograph was snapped. The ride was the Skyway and these two images show two attractions from Fantasyland. First up is Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Lucky riders are having fun using their magical feather to fly through the air.

The second picture is of the tea cups where riders who do not suffer from vertigo go around and around very fast. This moment is when the teacups are being loaded with everyone picking their favorite color.

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K. Martinez said...

Yeah, that magical ride known as the Skyway is my most missed Disneyland attraction. I'm amazed that "Dumbo the Flying Elephant" is one of only a few old-school attractions that has been installed in every single castle park. Thanks, Matterhorn!