Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saucers and Cinderella

This nice image was taken while waiting for the start of the Flying Saucer attraction at Disneyland. The photographer was on one of the Flying Saucers in the boom loading area. Quite a nice you are there look.

Next up is not Disneyland related, but still a great image of how pervasive Disney merchandising has been throughout the years. On Halloween, little girls could dress as their favorite princess and go out trick or treating.


K. Martinez said...

That is one creepy Cinderella.

MintCrocodile said...

Regarding the Cinderella costume picture -

I can remember wearing costumes like that for Halloween in the early 80's. And those costumes always had this distinct scent of plastic. So when I saw the Cinderella costume picture, I instantly remembered that plastic scent