Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Santa's Village 1962

It has been a while since the kids were packed into the Station Wagon and driven up to the mountains to visit Santa's Village in Lake Arrowhead. The first image shows the man of the park, Santa Claus, posing with a guest. Check out the man hanging out in the trees...

Next is my favorite part of Santa's Village is the North Pole. Basically a frozen pole kids could touch and say they had seen the North Pole. Note the elf on top of the pole.

Final image is of the Fire Engine that kid's could climb on and imagine they were responding to a call.

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K. Martinez said...

What I loved about the Santa's Village up here in Scotts Valley, was the forest setting just like in Skyforest. In California, that's rare to have an amusement park in a forest. Nice shots today. Thanks, Matterhorn.