Monday, May 20, 2013

Three Disneyland Slides From 1965

These three slides were found in a collection purchased at a Swap Meet. These were the only three Disneyland slides. However, there was a nice grouping of New York World's Fair slides. First image is a nice view of the Rivers of America with the Mark Twain circling Tom Sawyer's Island. Quite a nice shot with lots of activity.

Next up the Mekong Maiden successfully returns to the dock. It looks like all the passengers are still on board.

The last image is of the underwater kingdom as seen from the Submarine Voyage. I like the fish in the middle of the image.


K. Martinez said...

Nice image of Rivers of America before it became Fantasmic!ized

The Jungle Cruise image with the view of the boat storage exit/entrance is cool.

The underwater image is great too. This must be a view looking towards the outer edge of the lagoon.

HBG2 said...

Nice, but that first image is older than 1965. The Plantation House is still there and the waterway to Adventureland. Sometime before 1962.