Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sea World 1978

Three views of Sea World in San Diego taken in 1978. First up is one of the smaller petting pools. I like the three boys in the background wearing sailor hats.

Next up is a view of the Shamu stadium. The set pieces are rather large. The stadium is now about twice as large. Check out the kids running to see Shamu swimming in the tank.

The last view is of a neat attraction that I remember going to every time I visited Sea World. I remember entering the darkened building escaping the heat in the air conditioned comfort. Then the water show would start and the water would dance. Sponsored by GAF and then by Sparkletts, it was always a treat to escape the heat of summer.


Major Pepperidge said...

I almost wonder it people can be trusted to be so close to dolphins in a theme park setting like this. I worry about the dolphins!


The Shamu arena shot I think is backwards. That's the SHAMU GOES TO COLLEGE show -- Grandma's House should be at the opposide end (East end ) of the arena. I always thought the stylized panels that represented the COLLEGE looked like the Small World clock facade at Disneyland.

Bunthorne said...

I think those running kids have just experienced the infamous "splash zone" of the Shamu show.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a year and a half later, but I'm just reading this now, so now is when I'm commenting, lol. The whale show is where the dolphins are now. When seaworld bought out marineland is when the current killer whale stadium was built, until then, they were where the dolphins are now.