Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three Views of the Flower Market

Three views of the Main Street Flower Market. The images are from a contact sheet printed from color slides. I believe the images were taken to document Main Street and other parts of Disneyland for potential construction projects. Note that the Hallmark store is on the left hand side and the Market House is on the right side.


Major Pepperidge said...

These remind me of that postcard with the order form on the back!

K. Martinez said...

Ah, the traveling Flower Market. I remember being so disappointed when the Hallmark Communication Center became Disney Clothiers. It seemed to have been there forever and then gone in an istant.

Dan said...

The flower cart is nice slice of history, and the current placement of a fresh fruit cart in that spot makes for a pretty even exchange (much more period-friendly than the ubiquitous park merchandise)

Major: I recall you and/or Matterhorn'59 posted an image of that postcard/order form, the flowers MUST have sold well, since they were offered in the park for ages... of course, you could buy cold cuts at the Swift Market House for quite a while, too.

K. Martinez: I recall Hallmark had a presence on Main St. in Walt Disney World as well: surprising that sponsorship wasn't renewed and the shop placed elsewhere, considering the decades-long licensing relationship Hallmark has with the WDP/TWDC.