Wednesday, January 19, 2011

World's Fair Wednesday- Even More 1958 Brussel's Buildings

Still visiting the Brussels World's Fair in 1958...showcasing the fantastic modern architecture of the Pavilions. First up is the fantastic glass and metal structure for Portugal. I like the forest in the background.

Next up is Canada. I like the sculpture in the middle of the trees.

One of the most stunning images in the set is the rising spire and large glass structure for France. This image is taken from the US Pavilion.

The last image for today is a pretty entertaining building from the Netherlands. The building looks like a shell waiting for a large crab settle in.


Major Pepperidge said...

More beauties... I think it's so interesting the way many of the buildings are rather modest in size, although the architecture is definitely super modern for 1958. The photo of the French pavilion at dusk is amazing.

Wonder what everyone is looking down upon (in the lower left) in the last photo?

Progressland said...

Bruce Gordon: "Everybody wants to live in the forest."