Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frontierland in Black and White 1959

More unusual black and white slides taken in 1959. This series focuses on Frontierland and the Rivers of America. First up is the majestic ship Columbia coming in to dock.

Next up is the wedding cake ship (the Mark Twain) coming in to the same dock, but not at the same time as the Columbia. Nice scenic elements and composition in this shot with the buildings from Tom Sawyer Island in the foreground.

A busy view of the river with the Golden Horseshoe in the background. The raft is leaving from the original dock on the island, which is now approximately the Fantasmic stage today.

Final image is of the Mark Twain again, but the interesting part of the image is the dock. This is the dock that offered fishing and you can see the bamboo poles leaning on the shack on the left hand side.


Thufer said...

Third picture down. Woman on left side of raft. Awesome eye ware!

Katella Gate said...

Beautiful period shots of Dland... I've got to say, I prefer B&W, the photos are just so much crisper. Color film can get so wonky, even when new, it's a distraction. And the images are never as sharp.

The last photo is a gem. I wish there still was a pier on T.S. Island, even if it doesn't "do" anything (guests don't fish anymore), it sets a beautiful period tone to the setting.

Connie Moreno said...

I can't stop staring at that last photo!

JG said...

What Everybody Said. Great Great Shots, thank you.