Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dutch Wonderland Lancaster Pennsylvania

Vintage photographs from the small theme park of Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The park features a large castle entrance, a monorail and swan boats. First image is one of the Dutch Windmills. The statues are quite intriguing as you shall soon see...

A little Asian pagoda in the park.

The pedal your own Swan Boat, Castle entrance and Monorail track.

These statues are just downright creepy! I like the space themed tableaux in the background.


Katella Gate said...

More disturbing than the statues is that anybody would want to have there picture taken with them in "happy tableaux"

And check out that swan boat picture. I especially like how the designers managed to put the entrance AND the parking lot in the very center of the park.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

That swan ride looks, well, kind of scary. Not a scary as those clown like statues - those live somewhere deep in a child's nightmares, right next to Pennywise!

Ed South said...

Just about everything pictured is no longer at the park. The swan boats have been log boats for some time now. That ride extends out front of the park and is visable from the highway. Other than the log boats and the monorail, the rest of the park is tucked safely behind the walls of the castle gift shop/entrance.

Great little park, sitll kicking after all these years!

I was just there last week!