Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Artist Visits Disneyland

Today's images are from a grouping I found with various dates from visits to Disneyland in the 1960s. The pictures were all taken by the same couple. The first image is a nice shot of the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship showing the nicely themed dining area. The date on the photograph is July 1965 and you can see the lushness of the setting.

The second image is also from July 1965 and shows the center of Town Square with the drinking fountain (the wife is covering most of it, but you can still kind of see it for those tracking the fountain) and also one of the themed trash cans. It looks like a busy day.

The next image is a postcard quality shot with the Mark Twain passing by the Indian Village stage. By this time (July 1967) there was a shade canopy for the seating area and also for the drummers. It appears the show is about to begin. Notice the theming of the shields and spears.

Last image for today shows why I called this an artist visits Disneyland, the husband and wife posing at the front entrance. I love the choice of hat, and it appears he has purchased a guide book in his bag. In the background is a nice poster row. Behind the wife's head is the rare Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln attraction poster. I had assumed the only location this particular poster was up was in front of the Opera House.


Major Pepperidge said...

If somebody had shown me that second photo and told me it was my grandma, I would have believed them! Is that a souvenir hat in her hand?

Love the dude with the beret and string tie! I did not know that the Lincoln poster was that rare...?

Katella Gate said...

The Pirate Ship looks particularly good.. with the contrast between the red sails and the teal water. In fact, the pond looks far more inviting than the Pacific Ocean usually does. Such is Disney Magic.

Yes, my eyes went straight for the water fountain in the second shot, but I am quickly over my disappointment.

The folks in the last shot are dressed beautifully. Who could wear a string tie and beret with a straight face today?