Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fantasyland Construction 1983

A nice aerial view of the construction going on for the New Fantasyland of 1983. I have left the image fairly large so you can see some of the details, such as the construction of the Mad Tea Party, cars parked backstage, carts in the middle of Fantasyland and the parking next to Casey Junior.


Thufer said...

and yet another really cool picture. please, keep them coming.

Major Pepperidge said...

It must have been really weird to go to Disneyland in '83 and find all of Fantasyland walled off. Neat photo, and hey! there's Space Mountain, you don't see that too much on the Disney blogs!

Nametag Museum said...

Have you ever seen the press badge from the 1983 New Fantasyland? It's one of the more beautiful ever made. You can see it here


Nancy said...

i love seeing these "secret" pictures of what going on behind those darn walls...but when you are there you never imagine that during the night-time service maybe somebody was driving a car down Main Street!

so glad they went back to white Space Mountain.