Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sea World at San Diego Calif

Written on the reverse of the photographs is Sea World at San Diego Calif. I have a soft spot in my heart as this was the theme park which I grew up with. I went there many times with my Grandparents and mom, as well as with school groups. I have seen it change from a very small park focusing on sea life and education to a park that now boasts thrill rides and themed environments with a tenuous link to the Sea. However, there are still parts of the park that remind me of the early years. When I looked the images it brought back some memories. The first image is of the sea stadium with the fun dolphin and porpoise show. I vividly remember the volcano that would erupt on cue. In the background is the Hawaiian Punch Village restaurant.

The second image shows the patio with a prominent tiki and nice rattan furniture at the Hawaiian Punch village. This was the place to grab a snack and a cup full of Hawaiian punch.

The next two images are from the Japanese Pearl Diver area of Sea World. Here one could see the Pearl Divers dive down to a great depth and pull up clams. The clams would then be opened and a pearl would be revealed. It is now home to a Manta Ray exhibit.

The next image is of a sculptural fountain outside the Sparkletts Water Fantasy Show. I love the design of the spouting fish fountain. This fountain is now gone.

The last image is of the Seal and Walrus show at the Royal Crown Cola Theater. I believe the park still has shows in this theater, although it is no longer sponsored by RC Cola.


Thufer said...

wow, what a memory flood. thanks

Major Pepperidge said...

One of the things that always amazes me about the "Sea Stadium" is that... even with a front row seat, you were pretty far from the action. I understand that the critters needed space to wiggle around, but the further away you are, the more it loses its impact.

Davelandweb said...

Great vintage pics! However, in referring to the current San Diego Sea World, I think the term "thrill ride" is definitely an overstatement!

outsidetheberm said...

The view in the second image is really rare. Thanks for the look!

Chris Merritt said...

Very uncommon to see that outdoor patio of the Hawaiian Punch Village... Thanks for sharing - I hadn't ever seen that fountain either! Ahhh Sea World of the 1970s... what happened to you?